With over 15 years of teaching experience my job is to help you excel as quickly and efficiently as possible.The lessons are for all skill levels but specialized for intermediate to advanced players.

Topics I cover

  • Chordal Harmony/Voicings/Systems
  • Fingerstyle Technique/Arranging
  • Chord Melody
  • Improvisation
  • My Arrangements
  • Learn Any Song Of Your Choice
  • Scales
  • Ear Training
  • Song Writing
  • Practice Techniques
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Voicings - find multiple ways to play same the chord using extensions, inversions and substitutions.

Learning this makes it possible to find the melodies/scales within each chord. The more voices you know the better you’re going to understand the fret board and harmony.

Number System - my “Holy Bible” when it comes to music.

This is a mode of transcription I use to:

  • Learn songs by ear
  • Create chord progressions (songwriting/improvisation)
  • Communicate/teach music to other musicians in band rehearsals or at a gig/studio setting
  • Simple map for modal playing (seeing the scales in positions up and down the fretboard)

Chord Progressions

  • Learn various types of progressions suitable for the musical genre of your choice
  • Create a new palette of chords progressions to use in your music
  • Break down progressions in songs and find out the theoretical approach to their construction

Triads: Learning these is a great way to approach chord progressions for lead and high register rhythm parts and use these to connect scale positions


Picking Techniques- I believe that developing your right hand is just as important as developing your left.

Learn different picking patterns and how to get the maximum volume/tone out of your fingers

Percussion - find our tricks to mimic a drum kit using your hands on the strings and body of the guitar

Tunings – open tunings add a tremendous amount of freedom to your playing. Here we can check out “tasty” chord voicings, progressions and scales that you can’t find in standard tuning

  • Open D
  • Drop D


Blues, Rock, Jazz/Blues

  • Phrasing
  • Constructing a solo
  • Licks/patterns

Rhythm Guitar
Strum patterns and voicings for rhythm guitar


Original Compositions

Breakdown my compositions posted on Youtube, Soundcloud and Instagram.

Learn songs of your choice

I can show you the techniques I use to breakdown songs using:

  • Ear training
  • Theory
  • Number system
  • Melody
  • Harmony
  • Harmony


  • Pentatonic/Blues
  • Modes
  • How to play the “right notes”
  • Ear training
  • Songwriting
  • Various scales positions on the fretboard
  • Arpeggios


  • Use articulations to create style and tone
  • Apply slides/pulloffs/hammer combinations to scales/licks/melodies

Practice techniques

  • Micro-manage your practice time and create short term to goals
  • “Effective practice”- How to learn something as quickly and efficiently as possible

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